Book Spotlight–2/13/2011

The Book of Flying by Keith Miller

The Book of Flying presents the story of Pico, a lonely librarian and poet who lives in the city by the sea, and who has fallen in love with a girl who can fly. But when her affections become estranged from earthbound Pico, he locks up his library and embarks on a quest to find the mythical Book of Flying, so he can get wings and win her back. A diverse cast of characters colors his travels, including a robber queen, a lonely Minotaur, a studious rabbit and a dream seller—all of which temper Pico’s perceptions of love, loss and himself.

The Book of Flying is best characterized as an adult fairy tale, and as such, it’s poignant and moving and (dare I say it?) enchanting. If you’re a fan of fanciful prose, and feel (as I do) that beautiful writing can be an end unto itself, then The Book of Flying is the book for you.

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