DeFlip Side #190: Sci-Faiku

DeFlip Side #190: Sci-Faiku.mp3

Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

And I’m facing a nerd crisis.

Over the last year, I’ve had a complete career change. I went from the cushiest mid-level broadcasting job you could imagine to a 70-hour-a-week start-up in a completely different field that has me so busy that I barely have time for anything else. It’s a thrilling and exciting change, but this overwhelming amount of work has come at a cost.

Gone are the days when I had endless free time to immerse myself in genre pursuits, and to do the kind of esoteric research that often fueled DeFlip Side. These days I’m lucky if I can make it through an episode of Deep Space 9 without conking out.

My geeky passion has been sloughing off and drying up, a desiccated husk keeping company with the unread books in my library. And recently I realized with a fright that I’ve been steadily losing a fundamental part of who I am.

So in an effort to regain some semblance of balance, I’ve been trying to reinvigorate the old creative juices by giving myself little challenges during my crazy workdays. And one of them has been that whenever I find myself thinking about anything genre, I whip up a haiku about it on the spot.

If you don’t know, a haiku is a traditional kind of Japanese poem made up of three lines of five, seven and five syllables each.

And yes. My recent obsession with them is weird and dumb, and I kinda stole it from my friend John Irons and his podcast Captain Game Show; but it’s also been a road back to the things I love. And it’s also where I’ve been focusing my creative endeavors lately, and I see no reason not to inflict them upon you.

So please, sit back and enjoy this new form of nerd-salad performance art that I’ve dubbed Sci-Fikau.

Butt-hurt nerds whining.
“You’re raping my childhood!”
Grow up, fanboy jerks.

Kelvin Chris crisis.
Is there a beyond Beyond?
Star Trek will endure.

Avengers are dust.
With a mere snap from Thanos.
Way to go, Star Lord.

Dr. Smith and Will
Can we finally admit
It’s kinda creepy

Just gonna say it:
Roddenberry was a hack.
Come at me, Trekkers!

MCU has sparked
Superhero renaissance
But I’m getting bored

In this corner, Luke.
His opponent, Annikan
Jedis, start whining!

Fandom is broken
Say many genre pundits
And thus haters win

O’Brien’s shy glance
Into Bashir’s dashing eyes
Star-crossed bromance blooms

Cosmic Potato
TAZ, Radio Lab, Mission Log
All podcasts I dig.

What’s with those effects?
And unflattering costumes?
Why, Star Trek V? Why?

So are you ready?
Here’s my dirty geek secret:
I think Batman’s dumb.

The future is here
And Big Brother is watching.
But nobody cares.

A new Picard show!
I’d be a lot more enthused
If I liked NextGen.

Trump wants a Space Force.
Is he afraid of Martians?
Those bigly canals…

Season four’s best part?
Mirror Hoshi’s bare midriff.
Thank you, Enterprise.

Episode 7:
Mary Sue fights emo Sith.
Star Wars fans lament.

Spouting bad poems?
It worked out well for Shatner.
So why not for me?

I hope you did grok
This foray into haikus
DeFilippis out.