DeFlip Side #169: 2016 Sci-Fi Madness!

DeFlip Side #169: Sci-Fi Madness 2016!.mp3

Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

And the time has come for DeFlip Side’s 2016 Sci-Fi Madness tournament!

This year your favorite time travelers are throwing down in our Temporal Tempest — where 64 continuum benders will vie for supremacy in six rounds of competition.

The four divisions warping space-time in 2016 are Temporal Teams, Outtatime, Mad Scientists and Time Crimes.

Which Temporal Team will triumph, the animated crew of the Planet Express or Kirk, Spock and the rest of the original Star Trek cast? Will Outtatime Marty McFly and his Delorean beat Ash and his mighty chainsaw? Who will dominate in a melee of Mad Scientists that includes the likes of Sam Beckett, Rip Hunter and H.G. Wells? Or will the T-800 terminate its way to victory?

Starting the clock on this year’s competition is an epic first-round battle between Doc Emmett Brown and The Doctor. Which Mad Scientist will prevail?

You decide! Vote in Round One right now, and check back frequently to track the results and watch the countdown to the next round of competition. You can also follow the tournament and get updates and reminders on our Facebook and Twitter pages. And while you’re at it, retweet us, and share our Facebook posts. Tell all the geeks you know! The more people who participate, the stiffer the competition!

Last year’s Movie Hero Melee saw cool Vulcan serenity triumph over caped-crusading rage, as Mr. Spock beat the Batman to the top spot of Sci-Fi Madness 2015. But this year our favorite Vulcan may have to slingshot around the sun pretty fast to outdistance the maniacal Stewie Griffin.

Who will triumph in the Temporal Tempest? The choice is yours in DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness! Vote now!

Round 1 Results

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Temporal Teams Division

Outtatime Division

Mad Scientists Division

Time Crimes Division

Thanks for voting! Check back for results and we’ll see you for Round 2!