DeFlip Side #146: 2014 Sci-Fi Madness! Results Show


Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

And the Force has proven strong with our 2014 Sci-Fi Madness tournament. After a month of play and hundreds of votes cast, fans went into hyperdrive, and voted Star Wars as the number one genre film franchise of all time.

Congratulations to Star Wars fans who rallied throughout the competition and never let up, ultimately defeating the Batman franchise to claim the Madness.

To be honest, the writing was clearly on the wall with this one. Star Wars walked over its competition in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Division like an AT-AT over the rebel forces on Hoth. It handily beat The Matrix, then dispatched The Lord of the Rings after a slightly more pitched battle. Poor James Bond never stood a chance.

Then came Star Trek, and the battle was truly joined.

Star Trek never dominated its competition like you might expect. Sure, it stomped Transformers, but what wouldn’t? Its victories over Indiana Jones and The Terminator were far from runaways.

Trek finally gained some footing when it came up against Star Wars. The two were evenly matched for most of the division finals. But then Star Wars fans rallied! Spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, they garnered hundreds of votes in the space of an hour. Star Trek never recovered.

And so my beloved franchise boldly went—down in flames!

I designed the tournament so that Trek would battle Wars before the final rounds. I didn’t want the Madness for 2014 defined by such an old fan rivalry. And throughout the competition, I urged players to spread the word throughout their fan communities. Star Wars fans did, and got what they deserved. And I was thrilled. After defeating the Federation, R2 and company barreled past Alien to claim victory over The Dark Knight.

Speaking of which, the Batman was another steady competitor throughout the tournament, defeating Superman, Blade, Spider-Man and the X-Men by equal measure. The real surprise in the Comic Book Heroes Division was the pitched battle between X-Men and Iron Man, which went right down to the wire and was decided by a single vote. I expected a crowd-pleaser like Iron Man to do much better.

And speaking of pleasing, how about the battle between Alien and The Muppets? That has to be the greatest competition in the history of any competition–once again decided by a single vote. Those xenomorphs may have won, but they ain’t got nothing on Miss Piggy.

But the real dark horse of this year’s competition was Norman Bates.

I fully expected the likes of Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers and Freddy Krueger to dominate the Slashers and Horror Division, but each one met their demise at the hands of the original Psycho. And it was fitting that Norman Bates ultimately found himself up against Bruce Wayne in the Final Four—two giant nut-jobs with huge parental issues.

In all, it was a spirited and interesting competition this year, but the voting was way down from the 2013 Sci-Fi Madness. I suspect this has a lot to do with the measures I put in this year to prevent cheating and vote stuffing. People also seem to be much more passionate about their favorite TV shows than they are about film franchises. But by any other measure, this year’s contest was a huge success.

So what’s on the horizon for Sci-Fi Madness? We’ve already done the best TV show and the best film franchise. What about the best genre book? Or how does Science Fiction’s greatest character grab you? All will be revealed in 2015, in the next thrilling tournament of DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness!


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