Ringing in 2011 With Favorites, Old and New

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First the old…

If you’re still reading The Wheel of Time you probably have the whole love/hate thing going. Over the course of the series, your initial delight undoubtedly soured in the wake of some truly awful later volumes. And then series creator Robert Jordan up and dies. So there goes 20 years you’ll never get back, with no resolution.

But wait! Swooping in on the wings of restitution comes author Brandon Sanderson, taking up the mantle and writing the last three books in the series. And you wonder (perhaps not as guiltily as you should) if Jordan should have kicked it sooner. Because, boy, has Sanderson knocked it out of the park!

Sanderson’s first WoT book—The Gathering Storm—renewed my faith in the series. You can listen to my more in-depth Wheel of Time musings here, and read a review of TGS here.

A review copy of Sanderson’s second book, Towers of Midnight, just arrived in the mail and it’s a real doorstop. I can’t wait to dive in and see how he sets up the final Wheel of Time book, A Memory of Light, due out later this year.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Jordan. Your legacy is in good hands.

And now, the new…

Another recent delivery is The Book of Bunk, by Glen Hirshberg. Subtitled “A Fairy Tale of the Federal Writers’ Project,” Bunk looks to be a fantastic American pastoral. It has gotten rave reviews. I gave Hirshberg’s previous book, The Two Sams, my own rave review. He’s terrific.

To my eternal regret, I didn’t move quickly enough to buy his follow up collection, American Morons, before it sold out. So I ordered Bunk immediately upon its release and it’s a good thing; my copy is #334 out of 400. Snap it up while you can!

Kudos to Earthling Publications for producing such a beautiful book and for proving (once again) that small press is where it’s at! (Another subject about which I’ve gone on at considerable length.)

Reviews of both of these books are forthcoming, probably Jordan’s Towers of Midnight first. So keep an eye on the “Featured Book Review” section of the site.

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