Book Spotlight–6/26/2011

Isle of the Dead by Roger Zelazny

First published in 1969, Isle of the Dead harkens back to good old misogynistic Science Fiction, when men were men and women were secretaries.

This far-future story centers around Francis Sandow, the last living man born in the 20th Century, who’s obscenely rich, designs planets and just happens to have become an alien god, Shimbo of Darktree, Shrugger of Thunders. Problems begin when another god in his pantheon starts reviving and holding hostage Sandow’s long-dead loved ones, but to what end?

This book stood out for its conversational tone, the likeability of the main character, an entertaining and fast-paced plot and—above all—the caliber of Zelazny’s writing. His observations—funny, poignant or otherwise—are always spot-on.

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