Book Spotlight–3/27/2011

I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy

In honor of Leonard Nimoy’s 80th birthday, I’m recommending another Trek biography I haven’t read. So here’s a description from Publishers Weekly:

Few actors are as inextricably associated with one role as Leonard Nimoy is with Spock. In 1975, Nimoy published an autobiography with the tongue-in-cheek title I Am Not Spock. Twenty years later, despite a fruitful career as a film director and theatrical actor, he here re-embraces his legendary half-Vulcan alter ego.

Star Trek fans will find this a, well, fascinating history of the “birth” and evolution of Spock. Nimoy describes his own contributions to the development of Spock’s persona. He also provides an insider’s account of the production of the TV show and Star Trek movies.
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