Book Spotlight–3/20/2011

Get A Life! by William Shatner

I haven’t read this book, but my faith in William Shatner is such that I’m sure you’ll love it. Happy 80th Birthday, Captain Kirk! According to Amazon’s product description:

“Poking fun at Star Trek’s gung-ho fans and conventions in a now infamous Saturday Night Live sketch, William Shatner’s comic rallying cry has been indelibly emblazoned into the collective psyche of trekkers everywhere. However, to publicize the release of Star Trek Generations, Shatner agreed to a rare series of speaking engagements at Star Trek conventions around the globe. He was jolted by an unavoidable dose of reality. Shatner was met with wild enthusiasm, love, and good humor at convention after convention.

Having grilled trekkers and trekkies in all corners of the planet, Shatner’s… amassed a small mountain of research material, and cultivated his findings in Get A Life! [which] tells William Shatner’s own story of how the actor who played… James T. Kirk, can finally come to grips with his past, his fans, their love, and his own intergalactic legacy.

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And the infamous skit that started it all…

William Shatner SNL skit Get A Life 1986-12-20 by efly2020

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