Book Spotlight–11/6/2011

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline is a dark, strange and thrillingly creepy young adult novella that anyone can enjoy. Feeling neglected by her busy parents one rainy day, Coraline decides to explore the flat her family just moved into, part of a rambling old house. She stumbles upon a secret passageway to another house, where she finds her other mother, and an eldritch mirror of her reality that becomes increasingly harrowing.

I devoured Coraline in a single sitting, completely blown away. To quote author Terry Pratchett, Coraline “is a masterpiece. And you will never think about buttons in quite the same way again.” Read it and you’ll understand why, and also why it won the Hugo, Nebula and Stroker awards—as well as coveted DeFlip Side Best Read of 2008!

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