Book Spotlight–5/22/2011

Superman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 1 by John Byrne and Dick Giordano

Keeping up with our recent salute to Smallville, we feature yet another Superman origin story. This time it’s a trade comic collection of the first six volumes of Superman: Man of Steel as (re)told by John Byrne and drawn by Dick Giordano.

Back in the late 80s D.C. Comics blew up its comic book universe with an event called Crisis on Infinite Earths, in order to reboot and simplify the history of its major characters. The revamped, post-Crisis Superman origin story was a smash success and is still praised by fans. Among the changes in the rebooted continuity: Clark Kent was never Superboy. His powers emerged gradually and he didn’t become Superman until he left Smallville for Metropolis. Sound familiar?

Thanks to my buddy Howard Margolin—host of Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction and the biggest Superman geek I know—for suggesting this title!

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