New Year, New Features!

DeFlip Side is kicking off 2011 with a new commitment to branch beyond the normal posting of our monthly shows, and bring you fresh content as frequently as possible.

To get things rolling, I’m pleased to present a completely a new series of book-centered features for all my fellow book geeks out there, located in the expanded and completely revamped What I’m Reading section of the site.

Just roll your cursor over the What I’m Reading tab in the menu bar above to reveal a drop down menu of the new pages, including What I’m Reading, Latest Editions, and Book of the Week.

What I’m Reading is just what it sounds like, a page devoted to the book (or books) that I’m currently reading, including a short plot synopsis, my impression of the author and their other works, and what (if anything) prompted me to pick up this particular title at this particular time. There’s also a running tally of the books I’ve read this year so far, complete with a star rating and a verdict on how each lived up to my expectations.

This isn’t as obsessive as it sounds. I’ve been regularly listing and rating all the books I’ve read in a given year since inaugurating my annual “Best (and Worst) Reads” segment in 1998. I thought it might be interesting for fellow readers to get a glimpse into the thought process behind compiling the list.

Latest Editions is a section sure to appeal to like-minded serial book buyers, detailing my adventures in book acquisition, keeping you up to date on the latest titles I’ve added to my already bursting library. Shopping for books is the only kind of shopping in which I willingly engage, and I’ve turned it into kind of a sport. So check back regularly to see what new literary trophies I’ve managed to bag.

Finally, Book of the Week shines a spotlight on titles that I feel are particularly noteworthy, so much so that I’ve created a new preview section in the sidebar to drive people to the page. Genre and mainstream, fiction and non-fiction—I’ll profile any and all types of books with one goal in mind: to get you reading the good stuff that you should be reading. So if you’re at a loss for what book to dive into next, let DeFlip Side’s Book of the Week selections be your guide.

And these are just some of the new features that DeFlip Side will be introducing throughout the new year. So put us in your favorites, follow us on Facebook and check back regularly to see what’s happening.

We’re finally starting to put the Beyond… in Science. Fiction. Beyond…