Leap to The Quantum Leap Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve become a regular contributor to The Quantum Leap Podcast!

Setting out to explore the Quantum Leap universe one episode at a time, hosts Heather and Albie provide entertaining, in-depth breakdowns of each episode. The podcast also features interviews with notable Quantum Leap actors, writers and musicians who tell fun behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes. And I am just one of several fans who provide thoughts, essays and feedback on the show we all love. It’s a must listen for Leapers everywhere! Find the latest episodes at the Quantum Leap Podcast website.

Below is an archive of my contributions to the show. Enjoy!

Cuanto Le Gusta
Cuanto Le Gusta (QLP 036)

Appeared on QLP 036: Miss Deep South (Sept 2016)

Sam dressed as Carmen Miranda! After a relentlessly dour start to the third season, Quantum Leap brings the laughter back with this episode, which helped revive the comedic heart for which the series is so fondly remembered.


Supernatural Horrors
Supernatural Horrors (QLP 035)

Appeared on QLP 035: The Boogieman (Jan 2016)

The Boogieman is a legendarily cursed episode, but Dev-Al isn’t entirely to blame. Quantum Leap and the supernatural were always a bad mix..

Origin Story
Origin Story (QLP 034)

Appeared on QLP 034: One Strobe Over the Line (Nov 2015)

Author, broadcaster, raconteur–Quantum Leap fandom has taken me down many wonderful roads. Here’s how it all began.

The Italian Problem
The Italian Problem (QLP 033)

Appeared on QLP 033: Leap of Faith (Oct 2015)

For a show about tolerance and inclusiveness, Quantum Leap had a huge blind spot when it came to Italians, portraying them almost exclusively as clergy or criminals. As we Italians like to say, alright already!

The Truth Will Out?
The Truth Will Out? (QLP 032)

Appeared on QLP 032: The Leap Home Pt. 2: Vietnam (Aug 2015)

When Quantum Leap was airing in the 1990s, it seemed to be beating a very well-worn idealistic drum. But as early 21st Century events have proven, we need QL’s idealism now more than ever.

The Escapes of Time and Memory
The Escapes of Time and Memory (QLP 031)

Appeared on QLP 031: The Leap Home (June 2015)

As “The Leap Home” proves, you can’t go home again. And if Quantum Leap was about anything, it was about re-examining old norms and evolving beyond the escapes of Time and Memory.

A Leap in Perspective
A Leap in Perspective (QLP 029)

Appeared on QLP 029: Sea Bride (Mar 2015)

Quantum Leap is often lauded for tackling controversial social issues, but in retrospect the show wasn’t very groundbreaking in that regard. Here’s where the show truly blazed new trails.

Quantum Reboot
Quantum Reboot (QLP 028)

Appeared on QLP 028: Maybe Baby (Feb 2015)

Most QL fans are clamoring for a reboot of our beloved show. Here’s why that’s a TERRIBLE idea.