DeFlip Side #177: 2017 Sci-Fi Madness!

DeFlip Side #177: Sci-Fi Madness 2017!.mp3

Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis, and this is DeFlip Side.

And it’s time once again for DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness Tournament!

Prepare yourselves for mechanical mayhem – because 2017 is the year of the Robopocalype!

This year’s competition will feature 64 bots clanking and clashing their way through six rounds of completion.

The four divisions striving for machine dominance in 2017 are the Androids, the Automatons, the Cyborgs and the Drones.

Which Cyborg will conquer — Jamie Sommers or Seven of Nine? Will Robbie the Robot ascend among the Automatons, or will Gort make the Earth stand still? Will replicant Roy Batty prevail over Mr. Data?

And does anyone stand a chance against R2-D2?

Vote in Round One right now, below. Then check back in to see how your picks are faring against the competition — and watch the countdown to the next round of play.

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Last year saw Doctor Sam Beckett triumph over Marty McFly in the Temporal Tempest — mainly thanks to Quantum Leap fans who got the word out.

Will your favorite robot dominate — or will it become just another bucket of bolts in the annals of Sci-Fi Madness? The choice is yours! VOTE NOW in DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness!


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Androids Division

Cyborgs Division

Automatons Division

Drones Division

Thanks for voting! Check back for results and we’ll see you for Round 2!