DeFlip Side #177: 2017 Sci-Fi Madness! Elite Eight

The Robopocalypse division finals are here, and the roster of clockwork competitors reads like a who’s who of cybernetic celebrity — Data, Vader, R2 and K.I.T.T. go up against Bishop, Murphy, K-2 and Voltron.

But as exciting as these battles are, this round may be more notable for the match-ups we didn’t get to see. The Trek fan in me was rooting for a Data/Lore showdown in the Androids division. And what would have been sweeter than seeing a Cyborg battle royale between Six and Seven?

Unfortunately our favorite Borg didn’t stand a youngling’s chance on Coruscant against the unstoppable Anakin Skywalker. Seven lost by 25 votes — the widest margin in the entire competition so far. Perhaps Vader’s relentless march will falter now that he has wandered into Murphy’s sights.

Data had a showing almost as strong, trouncing West World’s Gunslinger by 22 votes. But the Trek luminary will probably have a much harder fight against Bishop. As the Synth proved in Aliens and especially Alien 3, he’s a tough bot to keep down. He might just have what it takes to bash in Data’s positronic noggin!

But the darkest horse of this competition by far has been Voltron. I honesty threw him into the Drones division on a whim to fill out the last bracket — and he’s managed to defeat relative giants like Ultron and Wall-E! Will he finally fall to K.I.T.T. or will he beat the odds yet again?

The choice is yours!


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