DeFlip Side #169: 2016 Sci-Fi Madness! Final Four

Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting your Final Four!

Representing the Temporal Teams Division are the unstoppable Ambassadors of Awesome, Mr. William S. Preston, ESQ., and Mr. Theodore Logan. Soaring Outtatime in his Delorean is Martin Seamus McFly. Fresh from the Accelerator Chamber is everyone’s favorite Mad Scientist, Doctor Samuel Beckett. And proving that it will not stop its Time Crimes — EVER — until the rest of the competition has been terminated, is the Model T-800.

Telephone booth vs. Flux Capacitor! String Theory vs. Cyborg! Let Madness reign!

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Temporal Teams vs. Outtatime

Mad Scientists vs. Time Crimes

Thanks for voting! Check back for results and we’ll see you for the Championship Round!