DeFlip Side #147: An Embarrassment of Riches


Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

And happy 31st anniversary to Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction!

I was on the phone with Howard earlier this week, discussing the line-up for tonight’s celebration. He has insisted on giving me a slot on every anniversary show since I joined the program as a regular contributor, under some misguided notion that DeFlip Side is an important part of Destinies.

But it’s an honor I take seriously, so I wanted to noodle some ideas around with him. Howard had only one request: keep it short. And it was easy to see why, as he rattled off the boggling amount of material that he wanted to cram into this show, and what would and wouldn’t make the cut. He called it as an embarrassment of riches.

That statement lingered with me, because Howard couldn’t have chosen a more apropos turn of phrase to characterize not only tonight’s program, but my experience with Destinies as a whole. Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction has provided me with an embarrassment of riches.

This show is the first place that I ever got to speak publically as a professional fiction author, a huge milestone in my life. And it’s because of Destinies that I got to return to working in radio, my first and best love on the road to becoming a broadcast professional. I’m having a ball with DeFlip Side, doing things with the medium that I never dreamed of when I first sat in front of a mic way back in journalism school.

And this in turn inspired me to create, and to teach myself how to build and maintain a website—a skill that has paid off immeasurably in my professional life. On that level alone, it’s absolutely insane just how profoundly and fundamentally my involvement with this little radio show has influenced some very big parts of my professional and personal life.

And that’s not even mentioning the authors, actors and Science Fiction professionals I’ve met thanks to the show, the friends I’ve made in my fellow Destinites and the countless hours of programming I’ve enjoyed over the decades.

It’s big moments, like the I-Con show that basically amounted to a private audience with Ronald D. Moore. And it’s little moments, like cruising down Interstate 87 at three in the morning with a Destinies CD playing on the radio, listening to Orson Welles talk to H.G. Wells about The War of the Worlds. In those moments and all the moments in between, Destinies has been a constant source of inspiration and enjoyment.

So join me in congratulating Howard on 31 years, and wishing Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction a very happy anniversary, with many more to come.

An embarrassment of riches indeed.