DeFlip Side #145: 2014 Sci-Fi Madness! Round 2

The Madness continues! Sixty-four have been whittled down to 32 and the voting begins anew to see who will take it all in DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness!

Upon reflection, it was pretty easy to guess who would win in the first round. But on a personal note I’m crushed that Back to the Future didn’t beat The Terminator. Great Scott! And I’m also sad that Jason Voorhees fell prey to Norman Bates.

But Round 2 is freakin’ INSANE, especially in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Division! Star Trek vs. Indy? The Fellowship vs. The Force? Stay Puft vs. T2000??? But my favorite match up by far is Alien vs. The Muppets. That has to be the best contest of all time, bar none. It’s Madness, I tell you! Madness!

Vote in Round 2!

Comic Book Heroes Division

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Division

Creature Features Division

Slashers & Horror Division

Thanks for voting! Check back for results and we’ll see you for the Sweet 16!

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