DeFlip Side #145: 2014 Sci-Fi Madness! Round 1


Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

And you’ve arrived at DeFlip Side’s 2014 Sci-Fi Madness tournament.

Duking it out this year are your favorite genre film franchises—64 movie series, organized into four divisions: Comic Book Heroes, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Slashers & Horror, and Creature Features, all vying for supremacy in six grueling rounds of competition.

Can’t wait for Batman vs. Superman? You don’t have to! They go head to head in Round One of Sci-Fi Madness. You can also decide how Thor fares against the X-Men, or whether the Terminator terminates Marty and Doc Brown.

Though you’ll be tempted to blindly vote for your favorites, remember that each competitor represents every theatrically released film in any given franchise—originals, sequels, re-imaginings and reboots. So if Batman seems like an easy choice, think beyond the Nolan-verse and include the 1966 Adam West film and Clooney’s turn as the caped crusader, nipples and all.

Other franchises get a little murky. Freddy has shared the screen with Jason. Alien has battled Predator. In those cases, joint entries are part of both franchises. Which brings us to Marvel.

Absent from the Comic Book Heroes roster are Captain America and The Avengers. First off, Cap still only has one solo film to his credit and the Madness will be over before Winter Soldier hits theaters. But The Avengers is fair game for all other Marvel Studios franchises. So it might be a little tougher to write off the Hulk than you thought.

I can’t wait to see how it all goes down. Last year’s March Madness was a huge success, as passionate fans fought to bring their favorite TV shows to the final rounds, eventually voting Farscape as the best of the best. Who will join Aeryn, Crichton, Rygel and D’Argo in the annals of Sci-Fi Madness dominance? You decide!

Vote in the First Round now! Once you have, you can follow the results and join the countdown to the next round of competition. You can also follow the tournament and get updates and reminders on our Facebook and Twitter pages. And while you’re at it, retweet us, and share our Facebook posts. Tell all the geeks you know! The more people participate, the more furious the competition!

So who’ll win the big dance? Will Star Trek dominate Star Wars, or will we see a Ghostbusters Cinderella story? You decide in DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness!

First Round Results

Comic Book Heroes Division

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Division

Creature Features Division

Slashers & Horror Division

Thanks for voting! Check back for results and we’ll see you for Round 2!

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