DeFlip Side #145: 2014 Sci-Fi Madness! Final Four

Divisions collide as the Final Four duke it out!

First up: Two psychos with mother (and father) issues! Bruce Wayne and Norman Bates are an oddly appropriate match in this penultimate battle. May the best Freudian mess win.

Alien and Star Wars make another uniquely appropriate pairing. Both are space-faring horror shows in their own right!

But seriously, a hearty congratulations to Star Wars for besting (ok, MURDERING) Star Trek in the Elite Eight. Take a bow Star Wars fans! I’ve been encouraging everyone to spread the Sci-Fi Madness, and you ran away with it.

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Comic Book Heroes/Slashers & Horror Divisions

Creature Features/Sci-Fi & Fantasy Divisions

Thanks for voting! Check back for results and we’ll see you for the Final Four!

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