DeFlip Side #136: Sci-Fi Madness! 2013 Results Show


Welcome everyone. I’m Christopher DeFilippis and this is DeFlip Side.

Well, after nearly a month of play and about 7,000 votes cast, fans have chosen the winner of DeFlip Side’s first annual Sci-Fi Madness competition!

Congratulations to Farscape, which beat Star Trek: The Original Series, dominating the championship round and destroying Gene Roddenberry’s venerated Science Fiction mainstay with 77 percent of the vote. And the credit for that resounding victory goes to the Farscape fan community, who got the word out on Facebook and Twitter, and took their favorite show all the way.

One of the most striking things about the final round of play was the heartfelt comments voters posted here on the site expressing mad fan love for Farscape, but with equal amounts of respect and adoration for The Original Series. But forced to choose, they picked Farscape for ushering in the modern era of Science Fiction television. I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve long considered Farscape the anti-Trek, an antidote to Next Gen’s somewhat cloying P.C. self-righteousness. Farscape presents a much more realistic, rough and tumble universe, that includes sex and greed and pain and selfishness. In acknowledging that such darkness exists—with such fantastic results—it changed the tone of Science Fiction television. It also had terrific characters that were always evolving, aliens that were truly alien and wild, complex story lines that always paid off big. Farscape was madness personified, so it’s fitting that it takes top spot our own bit of Sci-Fi Madness.

But there’s some controversy surrounding the victory. Farscape almost lost to Next Gen in an earlier round. After days of competition with only a few votes separating them, hundreds of votes mysteriously poured in for Next Gen in the final hour of play with no spike in site traffic. Because of this obvious cheating, I tossed the last hour of voting, and Farscape won by three votes. It’s a shame, because I’m positive Next Gen would have won on its own, fairly. Next Gen fans were obviously upset, as were highly-mobilized Space 1999 fans, when their show suffered an almost identical fate against The Greatest American Hero earlier in the competition—before I’d caught onto the vote stuffing.

So to cheated fans, I offer this olive branch—a five way free for all round of play, pitting all the shows that were affected by the cheating against one another in a month-long contest to see who comes out on top. Check it out below and spread the word. Next Gen might beat Farscape after all—unless Space 1999 or The Six Million Dollar Man beats them both. The winner will hold an honorary footnote in the annuls of DeFlip Side’s Sci-Fi Madness.

Speaking of which, we’re already gearing up for next year. Despite the cheating, Sci-Fi Madness was a resounding success and players had a blast. But we’ll be changing it up in 2014. How do Science Fiction movie franchises grab you? Star Trek vs. Star Wars, Alien vs. Predator, Planet of the Apes vs. Bill and Ted. It’s just a taste of what’s to come in what I hope will be a long tradition of Sci-Fi Madness here on DeFlip Side!


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