DeFlip Side #100: Looking Ahead in Celebration


Welcome everybody. I’m Christopher DeFilippis, and this is number 100!

(CUE: Sousa Music/cheering)

Okay. That’s enough of that.

Yes, this is DeFlip Side’s 100th episode. And, yes, I’m very proud to have come this far. But is it a cause for celebration? I’m not so sure. One hundred is an extremely relative milestone, especially in radio. Destinies is celebrating its 27th year on the air tonight, and knocked off its hundredth episode more than two decades ago. And daily radio programs do hundreds of shows a year. So when you look at it that way, 100 DeFlip Sides isn’t all that many.

But, radio realities aside, my main hesitation to look back in celebration ironically stems from the big plans I had cooking to commemorate my 100th show; more on those plans later, but suffice it say that carrying them out involved listening to every one of my previous DeFlip Side shows, which made a couple of things readily apparent: first I’m not so in love with the sound of my own voice that even I won’t get sick of it after a while; and second, and more importantly, my immersion in this aural history has made me realize that I’m only just now learning how to do this DeFlip Side thing right.

An odd statement from someone who has a degree in broadcast journalism and formal radio training up the whazoo, but to my critical ear it’s only fairly recently that DeFlip Side has consistently sounded like a true radio show instead of some glorified oral report. Listening back now, to those first fledgling years, I have to scratch my head and wonder, what was I thinking? Few soundbites. Few ambient effects. Almost no theater of the mind. Just me, me, me, talking, talking, talking. It wasn’t even until my 40th episode—after I had been doing this for more than three years—that it occurred to me to mention my own name at the top of each segment. I just have to slap my head.

Which isn’t to say that I’m not proud of many of my earlier pieces—on the contrary, the cringe-factor was much lower than I was expecting, and there are a handful of superior episodes—but the only thing that kept going through my mind was how much better they could have been had I been producing them from the start as I would have any other journalistic radio feature.

I’m half tempted to go all George Lucas on myself and recut them with new and improved effects. But that way lies madness. And Science Fiction is about looking forward.

And for DeFlip Side, that means letting your fingers do the walking.

As now for those grand plans I mentioned earlier, the DeFlip Side elves and I have been typing away industrially on that Internet thingy and we are very proud to present you with the new website. Just type it into your favorite Internet browser or search engine, and be prepared to experience all things DeFlip Side, including every segment ever produced, complete with streaming audio for most every show, and more to follow as we digitize those old tapes.

Among other content, I’ve devoted an entire section to my favorite thing: books and all of the book reviews I’ve ever done, both written and recorded. And real hardcore fans will find a complete archive of DeFlip Side Vol. 1, featuring the original 25 DeFlip Side columns as they first appeared in the e-zine First Light, before becoming a radio feature. is fully searchable, so you can type in any term you like and see what I’ve had to say about it. Or you can search shows by topic. You want all my Halloween episodes? You got ’em. You want to hear every thought I’ve ever had about Star Trek? Boom! Right there. That address once again is

As proud as I am of being a part of Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction, I’ve long wanted to create a place where DeFlip Side could take center stage. And since one of my main goals in creating was to give older shows a chance to shine again, I’ve set it up so that the front page features the latest episode, and five related shows on the same or a similar theme. So episode one could be in rotation with episode 101.

To accompany this, my 100th episode, I’m going to feature my five favorite DeFlip Sides. So log on and see which ones I’ve picked. I’ll give you a hint: one is about a little Russian dog, and another takes place in a cemetery.

I have to say that seeing every DeFlip Side episode gathered in one place makes me unapologetically proud of the body of work I’ve built. I’ve been able to create a site with an unbelievable amount of diverse and interesting content practically overnight. And I owe it all to Howard Margolin and the home he’s given me on Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction for almost nine years now. He’s been there since the beginning, providing me with a forum to spout off on just about anything I feel like, and meticulously editing my rants so that they’re as listenable as they’re going to get. It’s thanks to him that DeFlip Side has come as far as it has.

And taking stock of that progress has made me realize just how far DeFlip Side has yet to go. So what’s on the horizon? Well for starters, how about a podcast? And it’s just as easy for me to feature video on as it is audio. Can anyone say webisodes? The frontiers are limitless. And that’s why I hesitate to celebrate tonight by looking back. Because if 100 episodes of DeFlip Side signify anything, it’s that the best days are yet to come.

Thanks for listening!