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DeFlip Side is an award-winning radio program and website, written and produced by Christopher DeFilippis, that explores the cutting edge of science, art and culture, with humor and an unabashed enthusiasm for science, discovery and Science Fiction. And book reviews! Lots of book reviews.

DeFlip Side has been airing since 2001, with segments featured monthly on “Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction,” the nation’s second-longest-running Science Fiction radio program. Destinies can be heard on Long Island every Friday night at 11:30 p.m. on WUSB, 90.1 FM.

Christopher DeFilippis is an award-winning author, journalist and multimedia producer, with more than 20 years experience in TV, radio, film, print and new media. His science reporting and television production work have have been repeatedly honored by the Press Club of Long Island, a regional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

His first novel, Foreknowledge, was published as part of Berkley’s official Quantum Leap tie-in book series. His short story “The Punk Meets the Godfather” won the 2012 Graversen Award, presented by the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers. His fiction has appeared in Space and Time Magazine and has also been featured on Destinies.

Christopher DeFilippis

Christopher DeFilippis

DeFilippis originally created DeFlipSide.com to showcase his DeFlip Side radio segments. But the website has expanded to accommodate the growing DeFlip Side Media brand, which includes independent publishing through DeFlip Side Press, and podcast production, with a regular feature on the Quantum Leap Podcast.

DeFilippis’s latest book, The Seeker: A Novella of T.R.U.T.H., is now available from DeFlip Side Press.

When not writing or talking on the radio, DeFilippis often takes his show on the road, appearing at readings and local genre conventions to shill his books and promote DeFlip Side. He has presented and moderated panels on a broad range of topics, and loves to talk about science, sci-fi and writing.

Contact him at DeFlipSide@yahoo.com

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